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Lisa Longworth
San Diego, California

Trusting the Process, Rooted in Being

This has been a lucky lifetime.  For the most part, I’ve been in love with life.  However, when the pomegranate arrived and this exercise began, I had fallen out of love.  I wanted my simple, peace and beauty filled life to return, I was grieving deeply and knew I needed to go through the process.  It was hard to trust the pain of it.

Staring at the empty pomegranate, I first experienced the beautiful vast emptiness of silence. I felt the deep peace that comes from abiding in my heart, my true self.  I felt a loving kindness for all of creation and gratitude for this lifetime.  Then, following the instructions, I asked myself my intention for this exercise and waited for the answer. It came:

“Empowering Floating Paintings to travel the world inspiring communities”

It was as if I was hearing a song sung in perfect pitch-one that opens gateways of beauty within.  You see for last six years, I had been building a body of paintings, which only had been seen by a small community.  The intention of the exercise matched a deep longing within the cave of my heart for the paintings to reach a larger community and do their magic.  Holding the pomegranate in my hands, I knew I needed to trust my creative process and root more deeply in my own being.  Then I envisioned a small cocoon gestating within the pomegranate, representing me and my work.  The Floating Painting is a metaphor of the larger life that is moving through me, a verdant silk butterfly emerging from the cocoon.  I love this painting, because it is filled with a green fecund mystery and magic reflecting my world when I trust the process and root myself in being.  The whole piece, pomegranate and painting, was a perfect foundation for me to feel supported and nourished through my process.

As the weeks unfolded, I also realized the pomegranate on its Floating Painting had become medicine for my soul. It had become a trusted guardian for my journey, holding my dreams, visions and healing process. While my creation awaited mailing, a new life started to emerge. 

How do we together light up the world and inspire creative connection so that our species can survive on this glorious living earth?  How do we shift our lenses of looking at the world so that we perceive the beauty of our relatedness rather than the division of our individuality? How do we transform communities to awaken beauty, truth, creativity and love?



Lisa is an artist and counselor in private practice in who is committed connecting the world through creativity. Her website is at Copyright 2012 Pat Allen