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This website is my current public home space. It contains examples of the various streams of work that I create. The site is partly for me to keep track of myself. I am an artist, writer, art therapist and a teacher. I am interested in the borders between art, psychology, spirituality, and social action. For the past three decades I have been mentored by the Creative Source through my art and writing. Over time I have come to recognize that art is my spiritual calling. I create work in a number of different ways. When I create using the Studio Process my goal is to come into alignment with the Source. From that grounded place I engage in a variety of art practices including writing, painting, and collage.

The virtual version of STUDIO PARDES is my latest attempt to share my creative process and work with others. On this website you can view my images in the gallery, learn about the Studio Process, join me in the virtual studio, see my process work, and witness writings.

Register for classes offered at my studio in Ojai California, including an introduction to the Studio Process, beginning in March 2012. My newest project is working with witness in nature and helping others to do the same in a new class called Earth, Art, and Transformation. Continuing education credits are available through John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley, CA.

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You can find out about workshops and classes where you can experience the Process firsthand with others. Check out our blog on topics related to creative expression, spirituality, community arts.

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