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Art Hives Summer Institute

Montreal, QC, Canada
Institut d'Été des Ruches d'Art
August 14 to 17

Art Hives scene

From Open Studio Process(OSP) to Collaborative Inquiry through Art (CIA), come and activate as an agent of the Central Intelligence aka the Creative Source. Time is now for all hands and hearts on deck!

Pat is very excited about being in Montreal with Janis Timm-Bottos, Rachel Chainey and the Art Hives crew!

Get details about the workshop.


To engage Pat Allen for a workshop

Pat Allen is available to conduct workshops on the basic methods of Studio Process as well as to design specific workshops on topics of your choice. She is especially interested in issues of our relationship to nature, commerce, and creativity and to social issues of poverty, injustice and prejudice. Workshops combine experiential, didactic and service learning. To inquire, please email at: studiopardes@comcast.net


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